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Rebekah Davis

Rebekah Davis

Operations Manager

Rebekah is the driving force behind the seamless operations at Assurance Wealth Management in The Woodlands, Texas for nearly 5 years. As the orchestrator of a positive client experience, Rebekah is the "unseen hand", ensuring the team works in harmony to deliver exceptional service.

In her role, Rebekah takes charge of maintaining the integrity of data in the CRM, deploying and overseeing marketing initiatives, and managing both internal and client-facing events in the Woodlands, Texas. With a flair for bringing people together, she crafts memorable experiences through fun and interactive events that foster a sense of community among our valued clients.

A driving force behind our communication strategy, Rebekah connects you to the latest updates from Assurance Wealth Management. Whether through monthly E-Newsletters, engaging retirement videos on our YouTube Channel, or insightful posts on various social media platforms.

Outside the office, Rebekah is enjoying quality time with her four children and husband.