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Legacy Planning Series: Part 4

Legacy Planning Series: Part 4

May 22, 2023

Crafting Your Legacy: A Comprehensive Guide to Planning and Preservation

Legacy planning is more than just managing your tangible assets; it's about how you want to be remembered and the impact you make on your loved ones' lives. While planning your legacy may not be "fun," it's a crucial part of ensuring your wishes are met and your family's future is secure. In this guide, we'll discuss the importance of preserving intangible assets, reviewing your plan regularly, and working with professionals to create a comprehensive legacy plan.

Preserving Intangible Assets

An essential aspect of legacy planning is preserving and sharing your personal memories, thoughts, and skills with your beneficiaries. Consider the following steps to build a collection of these invaluable, but intangible, assets:

  • Digitize photos and other physical mementos for future generations
  • Write down your thoughts, memories, and hopes for your beneficiaries' future
  • Record video diaries detailing memories or demonstrating special skills you'd like to pass down, such as woodworking or cooking

 These intangible assets are invaluable and play a vital role in the legacy you leave behind.

Revisit, Review, and Revise Your Legacy Plan

Rather than being a one-time event, legacy planning is an ongoing process that requires regular reviews and updates. Just like visiting your doctor or dentist, it's essential to ensure your legacy plan remains current and aligned with your wishes. Work closely with your wealth management team and estate attorneys, and establish a review schedule based on your age and circumstances. We require an annual review for our wealth management clients, but we also will review plans twice a year in some instances.


To create a lasting, positive legacy, it's essential to be proactive and develop a comprehensive plan that covers both your tangible and intangible assets. Following our recommendations and working with wealth managers and estate attorneys will provide a solid foundation for your legacy plan.

We hope this guide has inspired you to start planning your legacy. We’re here and ready to help you through the process, offering expert advice and personalized solutions for your unique needs. While we can't make decisions for you, our experience and connections ensure we can find the right answers for any situation.

Ultimately, the true measure of your legacy is the impact you make on the lives of those you love and the thoughtful, intentional planning that guides your legacy's preservation.