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Estate/Legacy Planning Checklist

Estate/Legacy Planning Checklist

June 01, 2023

AWM Family,

We know the process of legacy planning is overwhelming and often challenging to ensure you've covered all the necessary details. In our experience, getting started is the hardest part and organizing the many documents is a significant part of that friction.

That's why we've put in the work to simplify this process for you, and created this Legacy Planning Checklist that covers many common situations we see in our clients.

Whether you're just beginning the planning process or just need a reminder to tick off all the boxes, our Legacy Planning Checklist can help. It’s detailed, easy to understand, and designed to guide you through your initial organization, making the overall process less daunting by kickstarting it.

We firmly believe that estate planning is not only about distribution assets, but about providing peace of mind, securing a future for loved ones, and leaving a lasting legacy.

Our checklist is a testament to this belief.

To get started, download our Legacy and Estate Planning Checklist. Use this roadmap to jumpstart your journey and start on the right foot.

We encourage you to take this important step today. Your peace of mind, and the future security of your loved ones, is worth this small investment of time.

As always, we're here to help. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please reach out to us.

Download our Legacy and Estate Planning Checklist now.

Here's to YOUR legacy!